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Since desintegration of former Yugoslavia to six independant states (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia) it became difficult to serve former common market. Six little weak markets, some of them with very low buying power, each with different currency and separate set of import, customs and tax regulations, a real nightmare to create a good distribution network. A manufacturer now has a choice: either to do business with 6 small distributors, being able order from time to time small shipments or to engage A&A group with ability to cover every corner of the divided markets with largest dealer network, plus just enough own outlets to ensure the presence of all products all the time.

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Music Exports Gmbh

Lindwurmstrasse 211, D - 80337 Munich

+49 89 746 123 90 | sales@musicexports.com

Music Exports Gmbh

Lindwurmstrasse 211, D- 80337 Munich, Tel. +49 89 746 123 90, fax. +49 89 746 123 92 e-mail: sales@musicexports.com

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